ke is a complete solution to establish and grow your e-business. We can build for you a dynamic website with a high quality custom design. We believe that the virtual world should have a better quality of life, and we encourage that by enabling everybody to build a dynamic website quick and affordable.


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Why does my business need a website?
Your website can:
  1. Provide information and promote sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  2. Level the playing field between your business and competitors
  3. Increase your ability to communicate with your customers
  4. Enhance customer/brand loyalty
  5. Add to your credibility with your customers
Your customers - and potential customers - are using the Web to obtain information, buy products, and establish relationships with businesses.  Shouldn't they be coming to you instead of your competitors?
I have a small business.  What if I don't want to sell online?
There may be people who are curious about your business, but have never walked through your door because they simply haven't made the time.  By providing access to your business online, these potential customers can learn about your product line, business hours, customer service policies, etc., all in the privacy of their home or office - they might just take a few moments to call, email or visit your shop the next time they have a need for the products you provide.
Even a small business has the potential to save in customer service costs by providing elementary information such as hours of operation, location and contact information.  You can also display a list of frequently asked questions and answers, a calendar of upcoming events, job openings, etc.
Another advantage of a website is hosting an email list.  By allowing your customers and potential customers to subscribe to your email newsletter, you can inexpensively inform them of upcoming sales and promotions. An email list allows you to educate customers about the specifics of the products or services that you sell in a timely fashion.
What do I need to have a website?
All you need is a domain name and ke. We provide free web hosting for you and keAdmin is the only tool you'll need to maintain your website.
How long before I have a working website?
In case that you work with one of out Certified keDesigner, you will be able to have a live website in about five to eight weeks. It all depends on amount of the content you want to have available at launch date.
How do I get started?  What should I do next?
Complete our information form.

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ke is the next generation web service to run and fully control your dynamic website. We offer custom web design to fit all needs. Free hosting with Private Java Machine and servlet engine.